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LEADER PROFILE – Randall Jones

Sydney North Regional Commissioner for Scouts Randall Jones shares his thoughts on what makes or breaks the Scout State Rally.

How long have you been associated with Scouts?
I have been a Leader since 1992, initially in New Zealand and then in Australia in 1999

Why did you become involved with the State Rallies?
Originally as a Scout Leader my Scouts wanted to attend so I went along to be part of running an activity base.

What do you think makes the Rallies a success?
Rally is about easy hiking and activities. Not all Scouts are into hiking so Rally gives these Scouts an easy experience. Variety and quantity of activities are also major ingredients – Scouts like variety and choice. When events are geared towards the Award Scheme they then get exposure to up-coming award activities. This enables them to practice what they have already learnt, which is sometimes not easy for them to do back in the Troop, at home or in the community.

What do you think youth got out the Rally?
I hope that they had an exciting time learning and practicing leadership skills. We are here to deliver a Scouting program, so if they go home not having advanced in many ways, shape or form or had an exciting time – we have wasted our weekend.



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