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The Venturer Scout Award Scheme has two main components:

  • General activity which leads from the Venturing Skills Award to the Queens Scout Award; and
  • the Major Interest Award that is intended for Venturer Scouts who are heavily involved in a particular sport.

1. Venturing Skills Award

To achieve this award a Venturer Scout must meet requirements for the basic skills of bushwalking; first aid, and the award scheme and approval of Unit Council.

2. The Venturer Award

The Venturer Award requirements are: gain the Venturer Skills Award and the Venturer Award level in Initiative, Environment, Unit Management, Ideals and First Aid plus two other optional areas on approval of the Unit Council.

3. Queen’s Scout Award

Queen's Scout Award Policy Handbook (PDF)

To achieve this prestigious award a Venturer Scout must be able to set a goal; plan progress towards that goal; organise their self and others; and maintain the determination to overcome difficulties and complete the task.

They must also have achieved the Venturing Skills Award and complete the requirements in four award areas:

  1. Outdoor Activities – demonstrates that the Venturer Scout is challenged in initiative, expeditions an outdoor adventures.
  2. Community Involvement – activities centred on citizenship, community service and caring for the environment.
  3. Leadership Development – involvement in Unit management and leadership courses and studying different vocations.
  4. Personal Growth – self development through expressions, ideals, mental pursuits and personal lifestyle.

Each year only a few Venturer Scouts achieve this prestigious award, which is presented by the Governor and Chief Scout of New South Wales, as a representative of the Queen, at Government House.

4. Endeavour Award

To attain the Endeavour Award there are four stages to undertake

  1. Select an activity and and complete for about 10 hours at Venturer Award level.
  2. Using the same activity, further develop skill/expertise by completing the minimum time required for Queen's Scout level.
  3. Using the same activity, further develop your skill expertise by completing an additional 50 hours.
  4. Complete your Venturer Award.

5. Other badges

There are a number of other badges that a Venturer Scout can achieve to demonstrate achieving various skills and participating in activities, including:

  • Amateur Radio Badge
  • Anchor Badge
  • Deaf Sign Language Emblem
  • First Aid Badge
  • Landcare Badge
  • Language Emblem
  • Scouts of the World Award
  • Royal Life Saving Badge
  • Their Service Our Heritage Badge
  • World Scout Environment Badge
  • Youth Helper Badge
  • Rover Link Badge

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