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PROFILE: Geoff Tosio, 33

How long have you been involved in Scouts? Were you a youth member?
Since I was in cubs so about 25 years, but I had several years off in my Twenties.

What prompted you to train as a Venturer Scout Leader? How long did it take?
Met an old friend from Zone Council several years after the fact, he told me of his involvement and I popped along to check it out.

It has taken about 5 years to build the networks and my skills up to a point that I’m happy with, but I’m hard on myself. The training itself doesn’t take long at all and most people would be running well within 6 months.

What do you think are the key benefits of being a Leader?

  1. Meeting so many different people keeps you skilled at seeing what really matters in life, it ensures your mind is mature but flexible.
  2. Enjoying the outdoors - seeing and experiencing the nature in ways that change your perspective completely.
  3. Scouting people have very similar goals to myself and because they have volunteered their time they are giving and sharing people, you’ll always have good friends in scouting – even if you don’t see them for years.

Recount one of your favourite Venturer experiences.
One morning I woke up on top of Mt Solitary in the Blue Mountains, it was dead still and the sun was a glorious gold colour slanting through the she oaks. I sat there for 30 minutes in silence listening to the Magpies warble and the bush wake up.

That day turned out to be perfect in so many ways, we only walked for a few hours through amazing wilderness and shared lots of funny stories, to top it off we had an investiture on top of a rock pinnacle, it was a stunning view and I could see the Venturers would never forget the experience.

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